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This website allows you to create and sell quotes, work with existing customers and view reports.

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Today's announcements
  • GDPR – Data Accuracy:
    All users of the Evolve platform must enter accurate personal information at all times. Prior to saving a quote or completing the sale of a policy, please check all personal information with the consumer directly. NOTE: The quotation document does not necessarily contain all the personal information recorded. Failure to provide accurate personal information can result in a Data Breach, which must be avoided at all costs. EMaC must report all data breaches to your GDPR representative/Data Protection Officer for review.
  • 0% Credit Facility – Drive Now, Pay Later+
    Did you know that you could offer your customers the ability to pay for car repairs, parts, MOTs and accessories, interest-free, with EMaC’s ‘Drive Now, Pay Later+’ facility?

    If you aren’t already taking advantage, call us now on 0330 099 6826 or email support@emac.co.uk for more information.